Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

its that time of year again. The time where you get four days off in a row, just because you love in the UK! Awesome!

As I am Away so much, certain things get put to one side shall we say! Things like paper work get out in organised piles, ‘stuff’ get put in the draws and the wardrobe becomes a game of open and grab before the clothes monster gets you.

It’s time for a sort out.

I started with my shoe collection. I am a hoarder, there is no doubt about that. SEVEN pairs of nude coloured heels, three unwearable and beyond repair. Yet they are so hard to say good bye too!

Result:  6 pairs of shoes in various states of unfixable in the bin!

I started on the wardrobe and then got carried away with trying on a the lovely clothes I had forgotten about! I also put a load of stuff on eBay such as this lovely: 


Parting with Monsoon dresses is very hard for me! But when you have not worn it in a long time, it needs to fly the nest and make room for something new!

As you know it has recently been my birthday. As you are also getting to know, I hoard everything- including birthday cards! I had some lovely cards this year and decided that I was going to do something with them- ta daaaaa! 


It has been great to have some time to sort things like this out around the house. I love decorating and being creative so I have really been enjoying myself!

However, I have managed to be out and about quite a bit as well!



Whatever you are doing, I hope you are having a lovely break!

I’m off to tackle my kitchen…..

Laura x


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