Back on the road ….

Back on the road ….

After a week off work which consisted of birthday celebrations, eating out and alcohol, I am back on the road in more ways then one!

Back to work and back to the diet!

I am travelling all week so I had to be prepared.


Living out of a suitcase means hotel food. Having done this job for over two years I am sick of hotel food.  I was sick of it after two months.

It is either delicious or disgusting. Either way- it’s calorific. I just can’t afford to allow myself to eat like that all the time.

So I pack a little plastic plate and cutlery in my suitcase! Everyone laughs at me, but I honestly don’t care! It helps me on my ever lasting quest to lose weight!

Then, wherever I am in the country, I find a super market and pick up my tea:

 And if I am really lucky, I pick up these little life savers:


Little individual measures of balsamic vinegar! So super handy! I rarely see them, so when I do I buy the lot!

Today I came across these:


 Wow! Again super handy for my travels! I’m always looking for healthy little snacks! These are gluten free and 69 calories for a pack, and there are four little cakes in each pack. They are delicious!!! There are six individual packs so they will be my treat for the week! I found these randomly in the confectionary aisle in the supermarket, and not the ‘free from’ section.

I also grab my breakfast for the next day, which looks like this:


 I have an early start and a busy day tomorrow, so it’s best to be prepared!

How do you prepare your food for the week? Does any one batch cook?

Laura x   


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