Ladies night

Ladies night

There is nothing we love more in the valleys then a ‘ladies night’.

This party bus nonsense you see is not for us. Who poles dances in a pink bus going down the M4? No one that’s who- it’s made up for MTV!

A group of ladies of all ages get together in some where like a working men’s club, and then the fun begins!

It’s simple, harmless fun but my god you will laugh until your sides hurt!

This is how my night started:


Then we had a bit of this:



Then we had the most fabulous drag queen, the glorious gypsy d’vine!


And then the big finish….



I have not had such good fun in a looooooong time! 

It’s great to get together with the girls and forget all the things that are on your mind and just have fun!

From the youngsters to the silver foxes, we had a ball!

What’s your favourite night out?

Laura x  


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