Cutting down on coffee, not quite the end of the world

Cutting down on coffee, not quite the end of the world

when I first started this blog, I was going to be dairy free and gluten free.

I didn’t quite think about the coffee aspect of this new regime. 

I love coffee. I would choose coffee over a cocktail sometimes!

I have coffee when I wake up, at work, out with friends, after dinner etc. All day, every day my life was coffee.

My best friends are also big coffee fans, and what do we do best? Gossip over a coffee of course!

A few months ago I began to cut back. I hated it. I had headaches and was grumpy watching every one else enjoy a latte.

I tried all the dairy alternatives you could think of. I especially hated the way soya milk clouded the coffee making it look like a dirty puddle on the road, not my beloved friend!

Yesterday at the office, where I normally have at least 8 coffees (with milk and two sweetners), I had a moment.

I was sat there drinking my lemon and ginger tea, thinking when was the last time I had a coffee in this office? WEEKS AGO!!! In my head I did a little happy dance!

My office is busy, people in and out all day, the kettle is constantly on and people are constantly asking if you want a cuppa. I now say yes but grab a herbal tea bag from my desk draw!

I feel better- more alert. I am also finding it easier to concentrate and am therefore being more productive.

This is not to say I will not or do not have coffee. It is now limited rather then being in bucket size amounts all day long.

This week I have had three cups of coffee!

I am a creature of habit. I make habits very quickly and take years to break them. I am Hoping that this year I break quite a few of them!

What are your bad habits?

Laura x


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