Birthday celebrations, not birthday blues!

Birthday celebrations, not birthday blues!

I am very much a ‘what will be’ kind of girl.  I take each day as it comes and I count my blessings.

To me, birthdays are about spending time with friends and family, having fun and making memories.

Birthdays are definitely not about being sad because of all of the things you DON’T have.

Being in your thirties, unmarried and with no children, does not, let me assure you, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAILURE.

I have had a week of:

Now you are 33 you should really hurry up and sprog up.

When is your beloved going to marry you?

Tick tock tick tock

BORING. I’m over it.

I am a compete and fabulous person All by myself.  I do not need a husband or a child to complete me.

My beloved will do what he needs to do in his own time. FYI when I get that engagement ring, I will be getting married in secret!

I do not worry about ‘being over the hill’ nor do I worry about ‘being on the shelf.’

I have learnt in the hardest way possible that life can be short and extremely cruel.  I am happy, what is so wrong with that?

I have also learnt to accept myself. I’m a good person, and have the same hang ups as any one else. I work hard to provide for myself and I do not expect anything for nothing.

Does this make me a failure?

Does this make me a bad person?


I say that those who are constantly on at me, may possibly need to look at their own lives before they judge us fabulous thirty something’s.

And then I eat cake!


Have a great day and stay fabulous!

Laura x


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