Porridge – the breakfast of champions

Porridge – the breakfast of champions

After days of eating out, and trying local specials such as ‘oggys’ and welsh cakes, it is time to get back on track.

My beloved works on a Sunday so I was wondering what to do for breakfast.

I stumbled across these in the depths of the kitchen cupboard….

The free from porride from tesco is priced at £2 per box and you get six sachets.  These are gluten, wheat and dairy free. 

The Rice Dream milk was four cartons for four pounds at Sainsburys.  I had never tried it before so I had a few different flavours.

The instructions on the box says to pop the porridge and the milk in the microwave for 2 mins 15 seconds.  It did not look quite right so I gave it another minute.

It may not look appealing, but it was delicious. You could really taste the vanilla from the rice dream!

I’m not one for soya milk and I much prefer the flavours of the hazelnut, almond and rice milks.

With this combination – I think I am on to a winner!

What do you eat for a gluten and dairy free breakfast?

Laura x


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