Adventures in North Wales 

Adventures in North Wales 

I was desperate for a break from work, and away from the house, the phone and the laptop!

I have recently been working in North Wales, which is a beautiful part of the country. However all I get to see of it, are the bits I drive past.

So I decided to haul my beloved, my dog and myself there for a few days!

Would you believe it takes 4 hours to drive from South to North Wales?! All on the same road – the A470.

We realised that we were visiting the area before the tourist season started so not much would be open.  It didn’t bother us, we love going on adventures! 

The landscape is breathtaking in North Wales…….

We wanted to visit an abandoned slate mine before we checked into our hotel. I obviously got instructions on how to find this place by reliably asking Google and taking the first result….. It may not have been right, but we had a true adventure regardless!

We parked in a car park and began walking. We kept walking, higher and higher…..

I’m the dot in the distance, even my one hundred year old dog was walking quicker then me…

I made it…..

…..after I had composed myself I was met with this….

Almost at the top of this mountain was an array of buildings, tunnels and caves where slate was mined. The big piles of rocks you can see behind the dog are the waste from the mine….pictures do not to this place justice.

However, when I fire up the laptop, I will share some of my other photos with you in a seperate post if you would like to see them.

We walked back down the mountain to the little cafe we had seen when we parked the car.  We were so tired and thirsty we just walked straight in, ignoring the fact that the place wasn’t actually open!

However, there were people in there getting in ready to open next week and they welcomed us warmly.  They were volunteers who ran the cafe from March to October, to welcome the explorers after a hard day walking around the surrounding area.

Before we left, an 84 year old man came to talk to us in front of a wood burning stove. He told us stories of his family who had worked at the mines- a truly inspirational man!

 They were all so interesting and knowledgable we could have spent all evening with them!

That’s Welsh hospitality for you- welcoming and fiercely proud of the beauty of their surrounds and their history.  I love meeting people like this and finding out about their heritage!

I will share some more of my adventures with you in North Wales really soon!

We are already planning another visit- if you have any recommendations of things to do or see, please get in touch 

Laura x


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