Pinterest – every builders nightmare

 Pinterest – every builders nightmare

Seeing as this blog is about changing my life, I thought I would tell you about some recent work I had in my house!

I bought my house as a bit of an unloved building and made it my project.  There is a lot more too it, but that’s for another day.

Here is what the lounge looked like when I moved in:


On a budget, here is what I did:

I felt It looked nice and clean, although I still wasn’t happy.  I hated that wall, and as for the fire place- don’t even get me started.

Fast forward four years, and the discovery of Pinterest.

I found this on the interest that is pin!

I wanted some thing similar so I got my builder in and showed him the picture.  He was confident that he could do it as long as I sourced the  Fire surround and we both agreed that the wall was horrible!

The work began.

It went on and on and on. We thought that behind the horrible bricks, it was hollow.  I should be so lucky! It was solid rubble filled with cement! What an earth went through their minds when they did that, I will never know. It took weeks. It cost more and my car was filthy after 20 trip to the rubbish tip.

However now:

 I love it!

I bought my fire surround from eBay for £15, and sanded it then painted it and ta daaaaa!!! 

My room is now 36 inches bigger in the middle and 7-8 inches bigger every where else!

I am now saving to have cupboards built in the alcoves – again thank you Pinterest!

I’m very happy with this, what do you think?

My beloved it shaking in fear as my next project is the kitchen……

Have a great day

Laura x


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