Date night: Paloma Faith

Date night: Paloma Faith

I have never been quite so excited as when I opened my christmas present to find Paloma Faith tickets!

I have loved this woman’s music for years so this was a good gift choice on my beloveds part!

Seeing as I have had three months to wait, I had plenty of time to choose an outfit!

This after all was a big occasion- dinner, cocktails and Paloma! A frock was needed!

I loved this dress, and would you believe it is from Sainsburys! At £25 I thinks it’s a bargain! I like it because I don’t think I need a cover up with it- I am the queen of cardigans and it is not through choice.

We went to a lovely restaurant in Cardiff that I had wanted to visit for ages- Viva Brazil. I can highly recommend it – freshly prepared salads and roasted meat- as much as you can eat! It was delicious and the staff were lovely! There are also other hot dishes you can choose but for the calories, I would rather have a cocktail which I can highly recommend!

And then it was on to Paloma! There was a lot of waiting around but the support act were amazing! ‘Vintage Trouble’ are a band that I would love to go and see again!

Paloma was stunning. The stage was simple yet beautiful and I was transfixed!

I loved it! In the middle she did a political speech. It didn’t bother me too much because I was too busy absorbing everything, but my beloved didn’t like it. I can see his point, I after all work for a non political organisation and  I do not force my opinions on others. I do believe though that it was all tounge in cheek and  he should not of taken it so personally! I doubt it was aimed at him,  you can see by the photo that we are at the back!

If you love Paloma, go see her! Like I said there is a lot of time between acts but the show itself is fabulous! 


Laura x


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