Is gluten free healthy?

Is gluten free healthy?

I went to the doctors yesterday for a ‘lady appointment’ – let’s say no more.

I was given the third degree about my health, which I would like to say is good! I try to eat well, I exercise but I could do more, and I drink lots of water.  However I am under no illusions- I know I am over weight.  I see myself every day, I am well aware thanks!

I also suffer no ailments apart from being tired now and again because I over work!

I was told I was over weight as usual. Let’s again remember that this is a ‘lady appointment’, i did not go in for any thing else.

I was told that my skin was bad. I’m not being vain but I totally disagree!!! Does this look bad to you?

A little tired around the eyes- but not unhealthy, not covered in acne, not a hideous monster!!

I could go to the doctors dragging myself on the floor with my legs in my mouth and the first thing they would say is: let’s weigh you.

The nurse started her lecture and I told her I was now following a gluten free diet. She said it was ‘too extreme’ and she wouldn’t recommend it.

I was taken aback! I feel a million dollars since I have been following gluten free! I still make mistakes and as I mentioned before I think I eat too many of the delicious snacks! But on the whole I am trying!

Also, friends and family are constantly telling me how well I look. I know myself I have bags more energy. Could it be so wrong for me?

What are your opinions? Is it too extreme? Are the benefits I am feeling all part of my imagination?

I beg to differ

Laura x


5 thoughts on “Is gluten free healthy?

  1. Don’t listen to that woman and don’t let her get you down! Gluten free is one of the best things I’ve done 🙂 If you want to learn more about it, there’s a (pretty long) documentary on Amazon called The Perfect Human Diet.


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