Life on the road….

Life on the road….

I’ve been on my travels for work again this week, to the land of no wifi! Sorry I haven’t been in touch!

So here is my little gluten free travel haul!

I had not tried the Perkier food honeycomb tiffin before and it’s lush! What a treat! I wish I could just eat half!

I absolutely HATE  eating by myself in hotels and as this one was a little boutique hotel, I didn’t want too either! They are lovely people but after a long drive  I’m too tired to make new friends!

I know this is going to sound a little sad but here is what I do to try and stick to eating healthy! I carry a plastic plate, knife, fork and spoon in my suitcase.  That way I can grab a salad and some chicken from a supermarket and stay healthy! I am away most weeks so it’s hard to live on hotel food!  Also I am so picky (although i don’t look it!) that sometimes I won’t eat anything off the menus.  You would be surprised at how many hotels REFUSE to make you something simple that’ is ‘off’ the menu….

Another Perkier porridge for my breakfast today! I was in a rush at the supermarket so I had to trolly dash to my ‘safe’ travel foods! I’m definitely getting the hang of this gluten free travel picnic type stuff!! 

Hope you have all had a lovely half week, now towards the weekend!! 

Laura x


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