My girl

My girl

i thought I should introduce you to my girl. My beloved dog Sydney.

Sydney is a ten year old, black labrador who was rescued by the Dogs Trust, a huge UK charity, and then adopted by me. We have had Sydney for nearly three years.

We don’t know much about her past, other than she was kept locked up a lot, which would explain her sore legs.

When we first adopted her, she was let’s say, anti social when it came to other dogs. She would bark and often snap at them, and would always come second because she is old, over weight and has very blunt teeth!

We kept working with her and she is like a different dog! She has regular friends (beauty, patch and honey) and we are always out and about with her!

She even has a best friend, our cat Clyde! 

I thought I would introduce you to her as we are going to take a little trip away with her soon and we are always taking her to beautiful places so expect lots of pictures from our adventures!!



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