Gluten free until dinner…

Gluten free until dinner…

how are we all?

What a lovely day- I actually got to a hotel and the sun was still shining! I hate driving in the dark in unfamiliar places, so it’s definitely cheered me up!

Last night I stayed in the Marwell zoo hotel in Winchester.  I travelled late so it was dark when I got there!

Such a strange hotel- glass walk ways to different areas of the hotel and it all felt a bit hostel like. Any how I ordered the fish goujons and chips as it looked the only gluten free thing on the room service menu!  The most exciting part of my dinner was this:

I have never seen ketchup in a jar!! Made my day! 

This morning I tried the porridge we talked about:

Gotta say- as soon as you open it, the smell is delicious! I love these just add water porridges for travelling.  As I said before, I hate eating on my own! I also wonder how long hotel food has sat out for.  For example, if breakfast time begins at 7am, and you sit down at 8am – have those disgusting looking eggs been sat on that dirty tray, absorbing oil for a whole hour after being cooked?! Yuk! 

Any way the porridge- delicious! The only thing that I didn’t like was that there was no line on the inside to indicate where to fill too.  The packaging is thick so you can’t see the line through it, but it was easy enough to add a little more water.

I wasn’t hungry until about 2pm from this little pot! If you are travelling, it’s definitely worth popping these in your case.  Tomorrow morning I have the golden syrup flavour- already looking forward to it!

Also, I found out about a website  It sells foods that are near or just past their sell by dates yet still edible.  There is a tonne of gluten free flours on there, as well as other foods, I took a little screen shot:

Has any one used it? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a great evening

Laura x


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