Man flu and assignments…

Man flu and assignments…

I have not been feeling very well 😢 As you all know I have been extremely busy the last few weeks at work, and I think it has finally caught up with me!

I overslept on Friday, which is not like me at all. I made it to work by the skin of my teeth but, for the whole day I felt out of sorts!

By Friday night I felt extremely sorry for myself and was on the sofa from 5pm! By Saturday morning I could not even speak! 

Bless my beloved, he took pity on me and made me a special gluten free breakfast in bed! I even had a cup of tea with soya milk! I didn’t realise he was taking any notice of my gluten free ways!

I also had a huge assignment to do for a course I am trying to complete alongside working one hundred hours a week! So I discovered these little gems to cheer me up!

I am not joking these are blooming delicious! I can’t get enough of them! They are about £1 each and really good value because they are huge!

I discovered Perkier foods last year. I travel ALOT for work and I hate eating by myself! When I am at home I eat my breakfast in my pjs, you can’t quite get away with this in a hotel restaurant! So I began taking porridge a with me that I could add hot water too! The Perkier porridges are gluten free, delicious and most importantly for me – convenient! I have packed two of these  in my case for this week, they are new flavours for me so I will let you know how tasty they are!

However I don’t think these products are dairy free, which is a shame for me because I am trying to cut that out as well.  One thing at a time!

I was wondering if any one could help me! I seem to be eating calorific things- they are gluten free but fattening! Seems like I can never win! Does any one have any advice?

Have a great evening!



3 thoughts on “Man flu and assignments…

  1. Those eggs look divine! I’m gluten free and try to stay away from bread altogether now, try subbing in items with higher protein like wild rice, quinoa, etc. You’ll get the fullness from the grains like with bread, but the protein will help build your muscles! cheers from washington


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