The last few days …

The last few days …

So…. I’ve been away with work and I have good news and bad news.

The bad news – some hotels refuse to cater for gluten free diets.

The good news – some hotels go far beyond the call of duty!

(However, may I say I didn’t pre-warn either hotel about my requirements. You can be the judge of if this should make a difference.)

The first hotel was the Ramada Jarvis in Leamington Spa. It was such a rush for dinner and we were a large group. The options were Indian or Italian- random.

I’m still struggling with my new way of life so thought I chose wisely by having chicken biryani with no sauce and a side salad.

For breakfast – the choice was non existent. There was fruit but it was from tins and in syrup- not for me. There was also some melon and pieces of fruit. I asked the staff if I could have some gluten free bread and was told no, but I could have some wholemeal!!!!! Seriously.

I asked why they didn’t cater for such a common dietary need and I was told because it ‘was too expensive.’

Ramada is a huge chain of hotels in the UK. I don’t think they are short of a few bob do you? A loaf of gluten free bread is £2 in tesco!


So I had melon and a banana. It was going to be a BIG day and I wanted a bigger breakfast then that!

However our meeting was being held at a venue down the road- Woodland Grange. I explained to the staff about being gluten free and they were so helpful.

All the menus in the venue are clearly labelled with GF, so I know what I’m doing!!

Also, at break time I was given a plate of little gluten free cakes including macaroons that they had specially baked for me!! It was amazing! I should really have taken a picture but I didn’t have my phone on me!

What a difference between two venues! I spoke to some of the ladies who work at Woodland Grange and they simply said they wanted to try their best for everyone. I felt like a gluten free princess with my little cakes! Amazing.

So I managed to be away from home, and keep gluten free as far as I know, with a lot of help from the hotel!

I hope it’s always going to be that easy!
My lesson this week is to phone ahead to hotels and restaurants etc and tell them i am gluten free.

Here is little screen shot of their website



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