The weekend

The weekend

I totally lack will power!
However luckily for me I stayed with some friends who have my best interests at heart even down to a gluten free sausage for breakfast!

I still wasn’t very happy with how I looked but I am starting to make moves to put myself first! Work is horrendously busy and I am away AGAIN this week. As I said previously I think I will be fine at this hotel- it seems to cater for everyone!

Does any one have any tips to stay healthy, gluten and dairy free while travelling?

My top tip would be: if travelling on my own I pack a plastic plate and cutlery so I can buy a salad etc and eat it in my hotel room! It sounds sad but I hate eating in a restaurant by myself so it suits me!

Here are a few photos from the wedding party which was brilliant!

What I wore: dress from curve at asos, necklace from Evans and my most reliable Estée Lauder lipstick!


My beloved xx



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