Days 3, 4 & 5- fail

Days 3, 4 & 5- fail

Hey guys
Hope you are all as glad it is finally Friday as me!
The last few days have been busy. I was away with work at a conference and my evening meal was pre ordered. The rest of the time I was ok apart from the Oreo cheesecake. However I must say I felt awful today.
I felt sluggish, stressed and out of sorts.
I am also running a course next week so had ALOT to prepare today at the office. I was getting lectures about my gluten free pop tart type thing and some one gave me a chocolate bar to help. I just ate it- I was so stressed and anxious it was the easiest and most stupid thing to do!


However the good things are as follows:
1. Did well at most meals in the conference and it was nice to see that the hotel catered for different dietary needs.
2. I was recognised for my work 👍


3. Today I got almost organised for next week!
4. I feel out of sorts for eating foods I had only eliminated for a few days!! Says it all!

I am also away next week, but I know this hotel and it is great for all diets! So it’s up to me to choose wisely!

I’m looking for some easy dishes- I want to treat my boyfriend to a nice meal in the new way of life- gluten free! If any one has any tips I would be most grateful!


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