Day 2

Day 2

So planning and preparing worked well today!
For breakfast I had scrambled eggs made with water and simply seasoned- delicious! If I wasn’t behaving and being gluten free, I would have added a round of toast with butter on. To be honest- I didn’t even miss the toast! Also, I felt more awake than I had done for a long time in the morning. Am I seeing results after 24 hours or is it all in the mind?!

I have been at the office all day where I would usually have at least five cups of coffee. Today, I had herbal tea and water which was ok but I definitely missed the coffee! I’m not keen on milk substitutes so would rather drink it black.

Lunch was the salad I prepared last night- lovely even if I do say so myself! I work away an awful lot so when I am home I make the effort to make myself a healthy lunch.

After work I popped to tesco and checked out their free from range. There was lots of products on offer so I think I have enough to be getting on with!

For tea I had the gluten free cinnamon bagels with lactose free spread- so good!

Tomorrow I know is going to be hard. I have a conference at work and my food was pre ordered a month ago- not gluten or dairy free! However it is only one meal I will struggle with the rest I have planned – especially the buffet breakfast! Easy!

Did any one make gluten free pancakes today?



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