Tomorrow is the start of something new..

Tomorrow is the start of something new..

Of course it is! As always I am full of good intentions to start my new way of life.  We are half way through February, and I think I have done this 5 times so far this year already!

However this time, I do not have much choice.  I am over weight and have recently learnt that I am dairy and gluten intolerant.

I have decided to start this new life style tomorrow.  I have known for over a week that it is happening, but my boyfriend had promised me a special romantic meal and I wanted to eat that first!

I have started this blog for a number of reasons including,  to look for help and support.  I have never completely cut out a food group let alone two, but this is my health and I am fast approaching mid thirties and I want a long, happy and healthy life.

Also, I can not cook! So please share any tips and recipes for beginners, and I will document my ‘have a go’ effort at them!

I have always been bigger.  Maybe not this big,  but always more curvy.  However, this does not mean I do not enjoy getting my glam on and looking good!  I love fashion blogs and look forward to sharing my favorites!

Any way tomorrow is a new start, so any tips will be greatly received 🙂

Laura x


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